Biography of the Show


The Bluegrass Connection Show was started by Chris and Linda Fullerton with the first show in October of 2004.The show was called "The Folk Hour" and was a mix of folk music, bluegrass, gospel, and some great skits were thrown in to keep your attention. When we first started the show, we scripted the show as Linda was new to broadcasting and we wanted to do a great job with the skits. Chris is a professional electronics technician and radio engineer and helped build the station (WMRS), even installing the antenna on the new radio tower at the very first transmitter site on Range Line Road in Monticello. This is why we call him "Fixer" he has been "Fixing" things ever since he was able to hold a voltmeter and screwdriver. Chris, being very busy balancing many things (father of two girls, volunteer fireman, pilot, contract technician, technician and manager for the local TV shop, storm spotter, we could go on...) found that writing the show each week and balancing his time was getting a bit too difficult, so he asked for some help from his soon to be friend, Mr. Ike Bacon. Ike brought with him some very extensive knowledge about Bluegrass music and it's history along, with his great friend Mr. A.J. Alletto. Cliff Martin joined the show in the spring of 2005 and together we pulled our music collections, talents, and time to bring this show to Indiana and the world with our web casts. We hope you enjoy the show and encourage you to call in and tell us what we can do to bring you the best Bluegrass show in Indiana and perhaps...the world!

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