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Posted October 16th, 2006

Hey Chris,
   Thanks again for having us on the show, we all had a great time and all of you really went out of your way for us and for that we all thank you so much, I myself will be listening every chance I get to your shows from now on and hope they continue, you guys really do a great job with this program. So on behalf of the band once again thank you so much for everything, we really enjoyed this and maybe we can do it again some time.

Dan Canerday (New Harmony)


Posted June 28th, 2007

     Hi Fixer,
Just wanted to thank WMRS and the Bluegrass Connection for the opportunity to win the tickets to the Wakarusa festival last weekend. George and I had a wonderful time and heard a lot of good music. We saw you and Linda working hard. Also want to say you did a great job as MC.
The Bluegrass Connection is the best!
Thanks again,
Judy Miller


Posted March 24th, 2008

      I have been wanting to write this Email for some time and apologize for not getting it done along time ago.
I really enjoy your show !!!!! My dad plays a 5 string and as far back as I can remember I've heard the sounds of bluegrass. I have fond memories of dozing off to sleep as a young boy at Earl Park while my dad and others stayed up pickin' around the fire. That was back when there were maybe a dozen campers at the place!!! ( WOW).....
I bought a mini farm down by Attica and between that work,my normal job and my kids sports schedule, my D35 got shoved under my bed and stayed there for about 5 years. While listening to your show, I heard Cherryholmes play "HE GOES TO CHURCH".
The guitar came back out, new strings installed and I have began to make time for something I missed and really enjoy. I love the "new grass" and because of your play list have purchased several new CD's.
I am on the road to Reynolds every other Sunday and tune in Sunny 107.7 as I leave the driveway. On the weekends I don't go North, I can tune you in down there. The highlight of my drive is when I hear you say your on for 2 full hours.
Anyway, Thanks for getting the great sounds of Bluegrass out on the air and keep up the great work. I really look forward to and love your show !!!!!

Don Bannon (Jr.)


Posted November 6th, 2008

Mr. Fixer,
A few weeks ago you played a song by New Tradition called " HE WAS CRUCIFIED BY ME ". I called you to get the name of the band cause it was a kickin song. A few songs later you played the title song "CRADLE TO CROSS TO CROWN". It is a powerful moving song. Yesterday my CD was in the mail box and I took it out to the barn with me to enjoy while I worked. When that song came on I stopped working and found myself choked up again !!! ( If you don't get a little choked up listening to that song , you just don't get it !!! )
Anyhow, after working in the barn I sat down with the guitar and learned the song, Now I just have to memorize the words....Thanks again for another new favorite and keeping those great sounds on the air waves for us to enjoy !!!!!

PS Please tell Linda although I can't vote in White county, I was rooting' for her. It was close !!!

Don Bannon

Posted March 2nd, 2009

Fields from Indy here. The new site looks mighty peachy, I'll be back to listen in to the show live later this week.
Thanks for all you do for bluegrass here in the Land Of Bean Blossom, fellers!

Cary Allen Fields