Received some e-mails from a couple of  recording companies today, and I see that there are some more new bands coming on the scene. One of the new bands is called Sweet Potato Pie, an all girls band, and they sound pretty good, look ‘em up on the internet, you can also hear them doing their thing there.

Now, just to name a few of the top ten recordings, A band called the Chapmans, they have the no.1 top single, “LOVE'S  GONNA  LIVE  HERE”, it's an old Buck Owens' song written many years ago, but it's still hanging in there. No. 2, one of my favorite bands, THE LONESOME RIVER BAND, with one called “RECORD TIME MACHINE”, way to go Sammy! Coming in 3rd, JUNIOR SISK AND RAMBLERS CHOICE, they currently record for Rebel Records, a song written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall, one called “TRAIN WITHOUT A TRACK”. And in 4th place, a young lady by the name of Kathy Kallick, her and her band record for LIVE OAK recording co. At number 5, one of the good old boys', DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER, one of the better bands, just my opinion, Doyle has been around for a long time, and he has brought a lot of the good performers along through his bands. Seems like he brings them on, and then they go out on their own, but he never fails to have good ones replace the old ones. The GRASCALS have number 6, “LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE”, a Rounder Records label, good CD! Now here is another song written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall, number 7, “THE BOYS IN HATS AND TIES”, it is done by BIG COUNTRY BLUEGRASS, Rebel Records. Number 8 is a song done by a young man I met several yrs ago by the name of Josh Williams, the song title is, “BLUE RAILROAD TRAIN”, recorded by Pinecastle Records. Number 9 is, “A GOOD WAY TO GET THE BLUES”, recorded at New Time Records, done by the Grass Cats. And number 10 is, “I DON'T CARE ANYMORE, done by BILL  EMERSON & SWEET  DIXIE/ Rural Rhythm Records. That is just the top ten, you need to see the other 10.

Here are the winners of some of the awards given each year;

    Entertainer of the year, Dailey & Vincent                               Fiddler----Michael Cleveland                     Guitar----Josh Williams
    Male Vocalist of the Year---- Russell  Moore                          Dobro------Rob Ickes

    Female Vocalist of the Year----Claire  Lynch                           Mandolin-----Adam Steffy

    Vocal Group of the Year----Dailey & Vincent                           Bass-----Marshall  Wilborn

What's happening on the local scene? This coming Sat. evening is the jam session at the Old Wells Library in Lafayette. It's on 6th and North street, it starts a t 5 pm and goes until everyone gets tired or can't stand each other any longer. It's a great jam, country music and bluegrass is the main topic. There are some good musicians in the area, make it if you can, they usually have some snack food.

Dennis Wireman, the owner of the new music store in Monticello, is thinking of starting a jam session in the store, in the evenings. We will keep you all informed of the happenings there. If anyone is interested in instruments, this is the place to go.

My favorite band, as of right now, is a band called Balsam Range. I want to tell you that it has everything a bluegrass lover could ask for. The name of the cd you need to buy is, TRAINS I MISSED, you won't regret it.

So until next time, this me signing off, enjoy all of the jams you can get to.  IKE